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Sometimes let em’ play.

One of my main goals for the fall has been to be better organized in all aspects of my life. When it comes to drum circle facilitation this included:

  • Being pro-active with clients and anticipating conflicts (Hurricane Sandy is obviously the final exam)
  • Reading through some of the facilitation “bibles” that I have missed. Hull, Kalani, etc..
  • Prepping for each circle before the car ride to the gig:)
  • Planning each circle roughly fitting the HealthRHYTHMS protocol.
  • Blogging about facilitation once a week (when was my last blog again……).










In all seriousness, I have found many of these goals have helped my circles become more organized. I feel more in control because I have prepped properly and I find it easier to work through issues when they do arise. I have more ideas and can adjust on the fly due to an increased vocabulary of activities. Overall, I feel like this focused organization has led to me presenting a more professional product to clients, which is something I’m really happy about.

Sometimes though, They just wanna play…………….

As I wait for the impending Hurricane Sandy….I reflect on two circles I had in the same day this past week. The first one was a corporate wellness HealthRHYTHMS circle I did for a department head meeting at a upscale gym, the second, my usual weekly circle with 8 special needs male adults at their live-in home. After the structured corporate environment of the first circle, I started to notice how much the special needs adults just wanted to play. Their energy was incredible and their smiles infectious, and I, not wanting to ruin the moment, stayed mostly out of the way, simply redirecting when needed.

As professional musicians who facilitate, it is so easy to get into our own heads. We find ourselves worrying about the musicianship and musicality of the circle, making sure everything is working exactly how we envision it in our heads. It is great to be confident, professional and organized, but the bottom line is…..This is not about us. It’s about them. Being a good facilitator means that we have to let go of what we want to happen and focus on what is actually happening. It is our job to support, nurture, and grow the feelings our clients are having. What seems simple to us can be the highlight of their week. Sometimes being a good facilitator means getting out of the way and just letting them play.


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  • Mike @ UnleashYourGroove.Com on

    Great article Brendan. My favorite quote is, “Being a good facilitator means that we have to let go of what we want to happen and focus on what is actually happening.”

    • BFinnMusic on

      Thank You Mike! I appreciate your support so much.

  • Tino on

    I think you are absolutely right, and are on the right path to helping a lot of people. Great Work…!

    • BFinnMusic on

      Thank you Tino!

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