What is a drum circle?

Simply put, a drum circle is a group of people playing playing drums or other percussion instruments while sitting in a circle. My own (more thorough) definition is; “A drum circle is a rhythmic empowering event in which participants (musicians or not) engage in recreational music making with the common goal of drumming into harmony with one another.”

What is a drum circle facilitator?

A drum circle facilitator is the person or persons that lead participants through the experience of a drum circle. It is the facilitator’s job to make sure that all participants feel welcomed and comfortable while empowering them to freely create music in harmony with the circle and one another. Although many drum circle facilitators also teach, in the drum circle context you will find them acting more like a conductor/team manager and less like all-knowing teacher.

What are the benefits of drum circles?

Studies show that recreational music making can decrease stress, boost immunity, release endorphins, and help with memory. Please contact me below for more information on benefits for your population.

Where can a drum circle happen?

A drum circle can really happen anywhere. From a patch of grass in a park, to the boardroom, and everything in between. The ideal environment is simply a space that is large enough to accommodate all wanting to participate and a space that makes those participants feel comfortable. All drums, necessary instruments and instructions will be provided by the facilitator.

When do drum circles happen?

The ideal time of day for a drum circle is anytime when the participants are fully awake and energized. Different populations have specific times when they are most alert and in the right frame of mind. I am happy to help you decide the best time. I recommend that you try to plan your event as far in advance as you can. This is important because it allows us to plan a one of a kind experience for your event.

Who can participate?

Anyone! Drum circles can be enjoyed by all. I specialize in working with seniors, special needs adults, and corporate wellness groups. Here are some other groups that I have worked with and could enjoy the benefits of a drum circle: children, teenagers, people suffering from cancer or terminal illness, family members of cancer/terminally ill persons, cancer survivors, people dealing with loss, or stressed individuals.

What is the ideal length of a circle?

45 minutes to 1 hour is an ideal length for most populations. Circles can run longer with experienced participants and certain populations or for special events.

How many sessions should I book?

If you are unfamiliar with drum circles or recreational music making, I recommend we talk to determine your needs and goals. This will help us best determine the right amount of sessions for you.

How much does it cost?

Sessions vary in price depending on location and amount of participants. It is best to contact me to determine the rate for your event.

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