What people are saying about Brendan.

“It was a very inspiring journey. Brendan has a beautiful way of connecting music with a powerful healing energy. I felt like a kid again. Released from the pressure. I am so filled with joy and thankfulness. This was a true blessing.” Joseph H.

“My first drum circle experience was healing, sensual, and emotional. It was truly beautiful, meditative and we were all in a peaceful loving space. Brendan is very inspiring and allowed us to be a part of his world. We are so grateful.” Jackie B.

“This was an amazing experience. To think that this could be undertaken by anyone, no matter their musical experience is great. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.” Ben J.

“I felt great, calm, and also powerful at the same time. It was a great experience that I have never had before and I wish I could do it more. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed it.” John D.

“It was amazing to see the change in my energy and the energy of everyone in the room. I feel as adults it’s hard to allow ourselves to feel the kind of relaxation and fun, the pure fun, that was achieved in this experience. Thank you!! Great Feeling” David M.

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