My beliefs as a private lesson instructor.

I believe ;

That every student is different and each must be treated as an individual. I craft individual lesson plans to help each student reach their goals.

In the use of positive words such as; “Great Job”, “You did it”  and “I can see you didn’t have much time to practice this week. Was it a busy week?” instead of words like “No, that’s not right!”, “You messed up the last part” or “You didn’t practice!”

Music is a language and should be learned like one. Mistakes are a part of learning.

That the practice of music reinforces the following qualities; humility, patience, discipline, passion and creativity.

That the practice of music increases brain activity, raises self-esteem and promotes emotional well-being.

Music should and can always be fun.

Structured practice and hard work are necessary to get better and achieve goals.

In empowering students through positive reinforcement to achieve their goals.

Please contact me to learn more and schedule a “Meet and Greet” $20 first lesson.

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